Build an Internet industry leading platform
Build an Internet industry leading platform
Build an Internet industry leading platform
Build an Internet industry leading platform
Build an Internet industry leading platform


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Data centers all over the world and rich network resources are your business guarantee
Industry solutions
  • Manufacturing
    ·Manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy. China is a large manufacturing country. To realize factory, production and logistics and establish a highly flexible production mode of personalized and digital products and services, digitization is the only way for the transformation and upgrading of C...
  • Internet industry
    Internet industry
    Among the enterprises in Shenzhen, there are many Internet enterprises' network needs. Internet enterprises are funded and established in Shenzhen by foreign investors. Many enterprises have headquarters abroad and branch offices in Shenzhen. In the business operation of enterprises, they encounter various network prob...
  • Commerce industry
    Commerce industry
    In the context of economic globalization, many Chinese enterprises are involved in overseas trade business. Renting overseas servers, establishing overseas websites and providing foreign access have gradually become the trend of international development of cross-border trade enterprises and the international channel a...
  • High tech industry
    High tech industry
    ·Now the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people's life, and there have been many new industries based on the Internet. In the embryonic stage of China's Internet in 1994, perhaps everyone did not expect that the Internet could bring such great changes to the society. How can we seize the draught and make th...

Our advantages

Provide management capability of safety network;

Professional certified security expert management team, providing professional training, security strategy and high-level Internet information security management services for enterprises; Quickly deal with various technical difficulties and assist customers in dealing with network security matters in time;

Have professional IT service expertise, help enterprise IT personnel manage better security management network, and improve customers' core competitiveness, office efficiency and productivity.

Service advantages: provide intelligent operation and maintenance management, operation and maintenance center, automatic monitoring platform, management center and minute response maintenance services;

Wechat one-to-one after-sales engineer service group;

Provide intelligent real-time monitoring, comprehensively monitor the stability and security of the line, provide the fastest response speed in minutes, and escort the enterprise network in the whole process! Manage backbone network platform;

Effectively manage each pop point and improve the backbone operation and maintenance capability!

Connectivity serves well-known large and medium-sized enterprises, provides e-commerce solutions, worry free global networks

Provide services for foreign enterprises to solve interconnection problems, and provide special line, professional and one main and one standby network solutions,

Ensure 99% and 99% availability of online services; Experienced and quick solutions.

NOC network monitoring center: provide professional senior network engineer management services;

Provide one-to-one network services;

Provide network support and after-sales service;

Have professional engineer service above CCIE / CCNP certified by Huawei and Cisco;

Provide customers with targeted solutions, network architecture, network scheme diagram and professional telecom solutions, so that customers can use the network without worry!

Provide professional traffic report, understand the implementation status of customer network, provide stability, provide QS service level assurance, and improve customer service quality! Network Management Center (NOC) service commitment:

Provide 7x24 hour all-weather carrier grade operation service provider

The data center provides 7x24 hours of on-site technical service

Professional power engineers conduct 24-hour patrol monitoring to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

7x24 hour configuration of customer router and switch services

7x24 hours machine on shelf service; 7x24 hours of professional technicians on duty

7x24 hour remote technical support, grid software, hardware and connection technology support

Traffic monitoring service: provide the usage report of multi router traffic recorder (MRTG)


With 18 years of qualification and professional operation and maintenance industry experience, telecom ISP access provider service;

Provide IDC professional computer room of the whole network distribution network, and provide professional Internet bandwidth center services with large bandwidth, scalability and high speed;

Provide 99.99% one active and one standby network availability, security, stability and scalability multi node deployment solution!

Interconnection and interworking has been a qualified telecommunications service company with more than 18 years of industry experience. With the most professional network technology, it helps many enterprises in South China realize the professional services of interconnection, and the global data services can be interconnected!

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Interconnection. Build a leading platform in the Internet industry
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