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Introduction and history of interconnection company:

Shenzhen interconnection and interworking Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and has a history of 12 years. From the earliest Telecom agents to the current ISP customers with 1000W registered capital, from the agent bandwidth dedicated line business in 2008 to the ISP so far, there have been hundreds of customer types, covering the private network business fields of various industries

Interconnection and interworking company has developed agents in the telecommunications industry since 2003. In 2003 and 2004, it has been developing the earliest batch of broadband services of Internet such as ADSL and LAN. From agents, it has started slowly. From the earliest ADSL, LAN, huixiantong, DDN and other data services, the era of data network has been developing. The earliest China Telecom, Shenzhen University telephone, Shenzhen University network Shenzhen big data has become an agent and a large number of broadband service user groups.

Since 2008, it has entered the telecom ISP data center business, from the application and handling of DDN, Telecom IP Metropolitan area network, VPDN, and other optical fiber dedicated line services, after-sales maintenance network services, networking mode and point-to-point lines, Internet access layer business of enterprise groups, and the establishment of VIP computer room platform in major data centers in Shenzhen, realizing the business development of "server hosting" cabinet rental and data center in the data center, Up to now, the "global ISP internet access provider" in 2020 has integrated the data services of the telecommunications industry, from point-to-point dedicated line services to the Internet, telecom single products, telecom Unicom dual exports, telecom Unicom mobile BGP, global international dedicated line internet providers, and integrated professional service teams from computer room, client, customer application layer, it service, it support, Telecom Internet access provider, professional data center services and so on, From the realization of LAN, Internet, telecom industry and customer application layer (server, OA, ERP, video conference, firewall, VPN) to the realization and allocation of various application IP addresses of enterprise customers, so as to make customers better interconnected and efficient office it and Internet industry supporter service providers.

The interconnection services are mainly fixed IP services, broadband, special line access, line and bare fiber services, class IA and major customers, and ISP business customers. The company's platforms and customer types are all over the five-star computer rooms in Shenzhen, including the platform business integration and cooperation of universal digital computer room, Kexing computer room, Yixin baiwangxing computer room, Tianxin runxun computer room and other computer rooms.

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Become a professional in the data center industry of global Internet it access providers, build a professional team, and provide users with the most professional ISP service provider in the telecommunications industry;


Achieve customers, enrich employees, start a business together and contribute to the society. Provide a platform for customers, employees and partners to create and realize their own value.

Core values:

Customer first: pay attention to customer experience, actively provide suggestions to customers and help customers achieve success.

Team spirit: sharing and sharing, and achieving greater self with small self.

Optimistic Innovation: break through self, be brave in innovation, passion and persistence.

Honesty and integrity: keep your promise, do the right thing and admit your mistakes.

Dedication: serve the society with a professional attitude and dedication.

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